“Quite simply, acoustic music at its finest” – Dirty Linen.
Lorraine and Bennett love playing together; the joy they take in their music is contagious, and their flair for tailoring their selection of songs and tunes for individual audiences lends a lively freshness to each performance.
“The Hammonds are folk missionaries of the first order, devoted cultural activists, teachers, event organizers, and performers who love to introduce people to the joys of traditional music.”
~ Scott Alarik – Boston Globe

Lorraine’s New CD: THE OPAL RING

Real folk-music: old ballads and contemporary songs, with expert accompaniment on acoustic instruments.
The 11 songs on “The Opal Ring,” represent a deliciously melodious memoir. Hammond, a multi-instrumentalist acclaimed as one of the nation’s finest dulcimer players, and no stranger to coffeehouse stages in The Sun Chronicle region, returns to her earliest musical roots around Sharon Mountain in Connecticut, in the overlooked northern section of the otherwise musically celebrated Appalachians.

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Bennett & Lorraine, photo by Susan Wilson
Bennett & Lorraine peforming on the porch